Initial Evaluation

60-90 minute consult to cover the major issues that you are currently experiencing and develop a treatment plan.

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1 HR Treatment

Life is too short to spend it in pain! Let's get you back to the activities you love!

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Virtual physical therapy (TX/LA) and fitness/wellness sessions (all states) available!

Scar education classes available (all states)!

-Learn how scars affect the body, brain and movement.

-Learn simple techniques to improve your scar and body

Packages of 5 and 10 visits available at a discounted rate.

Living with pain?

Nobody puts up with a rock in their shoe, but we often make excuses for painful “knots” in our bodies. A simple technique can alleviate years of pain in the convenience of your home, office, or gym.

Serving the Dallas, TX Area

Mobile visits available for your convenience at your home, office, or preferred treatment location