"I'm so thankful for services like this! I have had three deliveries by cesarean section and one was very traumatic involving a partial uterine rupture.  After three abdominal surgeries, I had lost complete feeling at my scars and had abdominal muscle weakness no matter how hard I worked out at the gym.  After one visit, I already see a difference. When I move around I can feel my abdominal muscles engaging again and I have some feeling back around my scar! So cool to see the difference after one visit after years of just accepting the numbness and weakness.  I truthfully never even knew the extent of how much my scar was affecting my daily life until I got with Jennifer and saw the extent of my nerve damage.  If you have had any type or surgery of scarring, I would highly recommend booking a visit because it's so worth it, especially those fellow c-section mommies!"

Falon A.


Jen did an amazing job with my back. I have had scoliosis since I was 12 and in just 30 minutes she was able to diagnose which muscles were not working properly and teach me new exercises to strengthen those to realign my back. After just one 5-10 minute session, my back was noticeable straighter and felt much better.

Amy Courtney, PA-C


"I've had many conversations with Adrienne's dance teacher about her supination of the past year or two, but was unable to find a solution. I felt helpless in knowing how to help her. I recently did a post on Facebook asking for advice and so many of my friends were saying, "Dr. Jen is awesome!" After just one session with Dr. Jen, we have seen tremendous change in Adrienne's over supination. Dr. Jen identified diaphragm issues and core strength weaknesses that were contributing factors. Adrienne is now equipped with core strengthening exercises to continue the progress and we are excited to see her finally able to dance without the same setbacks."

Thanks, Dr. Jen!


Within 24 hours of sustaining a concussion, Dr. Jen made a house visit to see me and did a thorough assessment of my condition. My concussion was severe and I was barely able to walk. Dr. Jen worked with me, and within an hour I was balanced and able to walk! I was amazed! As a nurse, I knew I needed help. I am so thankful I called Dr. Jen. She had a high level of expertise and professionalism, availability to come to my home (especially since I was not able to drive), a calm nature and genuine compassion.
At another visit Dr. Jen worked on a small and very old scar (about 10 years old) on my abdomen from a laparoscopic gallbladder removal. I had tenderness near the scar, and she used a scar release technique that completely relieved my pain! I had accepted that I would always have pain there. But she proved me wrong! If only I had known years ago! I’m so thankful for her desire/willingness to attend intense trainings and acquire additional professional certifications so she can help her patient’s when others cannot!

Leigh Ann, RN

This was a completely new and innovated experience for me! I broke my left arm seven months ago and had to have surgery. Frankly speaking, the surgery was not the best and for the longest of time I had thoughts that my arm would never be the same as before - until I met Jennifer and went through her therapy treatment. I had been in physical therapy before, but always felt that my left side of my body was off and was not making much progress even after the bone grew back together, and I was able to workout again. Within my first session with Jennifer, I learned that many of my muscle groups in my shoulder and upper back were not being activated. She patiently worked with my scar on my arm, breaking down scar tissue, releasing fascia, and testing each muscle group individually with the intention of reprogramming my brain to be aware of those muscles that were loss due to my injury. Without realizing it, I had been compensating using muscles in my neck, upper back, and shoulder that ultimately led to many of my muscles being weak and inactive. Also, my scar was inactivating some of my muscles. It felt unreal - the difference in my left side after this process. Moreover, I could feel the tension leaving my neck and back, and once again my upper body felt symmetrical again. The best and most important part would have to be the compassion and care that Jennifer showed. I could tell she loved what she did and had a genuine concern for my improvement. She was patient, kind, and understanding, which was huge for me. Many of the techniques Jennifer showed me I continue to do on my own and I can see a steady improvement. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Jennifer at Cedar PT Wellness if you want a complete recovery mentally and physically!!!

Kaleb Malone, medical student